She began her directing career at the age of 22 with a short film about Burlesque stripper Dita Von Teese.


In 2008 Cristiana started a series of advertising projects for Johnnie Walker’s anti drink & drive campaign with Lewis Hamilton and Mika Hakkinen which were premiered at the Singapore Grand Prix. She continued to work with Lewis, Mika and Jenson Button on a regular basis filming for Johnnie Walker across the globe.


Cristiana was also been busy filming for high end beauty range SK- ll. She shot on a couple of occasions with Chinese actress Tang Wei in Hong Kong and Shanghai, then Koyuki - star of ‘The Last Samurai’ and Momoi in Tokyo, Kim Hee Ae in Seoul and Jeab and Susan Bachtiar in Bangkok.


In 2014 her highlights were the stunning L’Oreal 60’sec TVC for Elnett with Cheryl Cole, the Credit Suisse job she did with Roger Federer and the Swiss National Football Team and the five TVC’s she did for Jockey. 

JOCKEY - ‘Love’

‘Fahriye Evcen’ (music video)

SUPER BOCK (Eng. subs) - ‘Direitos do Amigo’

‘Elvive Caracóis Nutridos’

JOCKEY - 'Play'

L'ORÉAL ELNETT - 'The Golden One'

CITROEN Footballet