Henri Bassil is a director and writer. He directed more then 300 commercials and the award winning short film “Expire”.
Born to a French diplomat mother, Henri grew up living in different countries and considers himself a citizen of the world. After graduating from ESRA Nice with a degree in filmmaking, he began directing commercials, which allowed him to shoot in countries like Indonesia, UK, France, Spain, Russia, Lebanon, the UAE, Bulgaria, Vietnam and many other. He loves shooting sport, car commercials, musicals but is equally adept at shooting contemporary visual films in varied genres. Finding beauty in each shot is his motto.
He worked with brands such as Samsung, Nissan, Porsche, GMC, BMW, Coca-Cola, Toshiba, P&G, Danone, Omantel, Tunisie Telecom to name a few.

Lactacyd - The dance

Universal - Dance

Coca Cola - Morocco

Omantel - Meet

WhitePoint - Colors

Bet365 -The thrill

Schweppes - Interview

Elle&Elle - Naturellement vous

Tissirgaz - Clic

GMC Sierra - Horses

BMW M - Kaleidoscope

BigBon - Slackline