Tarek is a multi-disciplinary director, originally from Lebanon. With a desire to make his own films, Tarek worked as a cinematographer on numerous commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short films, saving up for his own projects. Tarek now works as a Director/DP, seeking to blur the lines between narrative and commercial work.

Spinneys Linen Fair

Celebrity Duets

Renault Feel Special

Jeep Overland

Spinneys Loyalty Card

Stradivarius Dina

Jeep Summit

Puck MomsMakeItBetter

Always Duality

BMW TheStoryForward

Spinneys Ramadan

Du Business Mobile Plan

A Dream About You

Downy Abaya

Leo Burnett Beirut

Downy Freshness

Leo Burnett Beirut

Ariel Yellow Stains